Healthy & Easy Vegan Breakfast Recipe Ideas


Vegan Breakfast Recipe Ideas

We will cover some vegan breakfast recipe ideas that are filling and healthy. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This statement couldn’t ring truer when you’re trying to lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle, or just feel better in general. But how do you start your morning without eating meat, dairy, or eggs? Here are some delicious recipes that will keep you full until lunchtime.

Tofu Scramble Vegan Breakfast Recipe

If you’re looking for a quick breakfast recipe that’s easy to make, try these scrumptious scrambled tofu recipes. They’re packed with protein and fiber, so you’ll stay full longer than if you had cereal or toast.

Tofu Scramble Vegan Breakfast Recipe Idea

Find the full Tofu scramble recipe here.

Protein Pancakes Vegan Breakfast Recipe

Vegan protein pancakes are the perfect plant-based breakfast idea. These Vegan protein pancakes can be made super quick and will not disappoint. These are also great for pre or post-workouts due to the high protein content.

Protein Pancakes Vegan Breakfast Recipe Idea

Find the vegan protein pancakes recipe here.

Snickers Baked Oatmeal Recipe

Healthy and hearty dessert for breakfast. This vegan breakfast recipe idea is one for chocolate lovers, it tastes like a snickers bar. The best part is, that it only takes 5 minutes to prepare.

Snickers Oatmeal Vegan

Find the snickers baked oatmeal recipe here.

Peanut Butter Protein Balls Recipe

Packed full of protein, fiber, and omega-3s, these Vegan Peanut Butter Protein Balls make the perfect healthy vegan breakfast or quick breakfast snack. These peanut butter balls taste like Reese’s pieces and take only 10 minutes to make.

Peanut Butter Protein Balls

Find the Peanut Butter Protein Balls recipe here.

Other Vegan Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Of course, there are tons of other vegan breakfast ideas that are easy and delicious. Simple things like fruit platters, chia puddings, vegan banana bread, vegan pastries, and various oatmeal recipes. We hope that you enjoy these recipes as much as I do.

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